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Impression TW1
Teeth whitening light for mobile or clinic use, cutting edge technology complete with remote control, eye protectors, light covers and manual.
Impression TW2
Teeth whitening light with easy operational LED
screen. This whitening
light is of high quality and ideal for clinic use.
Price: £699
Impression TW3
Teeth whitening light ideal for both mobile and clinic base, easy to us digital screen and comes with stylish aluminium wheeled case for easy transportation
LED Curing Light
Wireless curing light with 3 working modes. Even longer lasting use with lithium technology. 

Buy Superb Teeth Whitening Lights from Impression

The products at ‘Impression Teeth Whitening’ are sought after by numerous dental clinics. This is due to the high quality of our equipments. You can count on them as they are not only effective tools for whitening your teeth but they can also be obtained at affordable prices. Teeth whitening lights are an excellent alternative to over-the-counter whitening strips or bleaching gels. By using this equipment, light-activated technique is used in bleaching the teeth. We offer a variety of lights for clinic and mobile use. The apparatus comes with eye protectors, remote control, a manual and light covers. There is another model with slight variations such as the provision of a digital screen. It can be easily carried along with the help of a smart wheeled-case made of aluminum. Yet another model meant only for clinic use is larger and more sophisticated with an operational LED monitor. The light is of superior quality and provides excellent results.

‘Impression’ was established in the 2008 focusing on innovative quality products and excellent customer service, we have been able to supply and produce the world’s best whitening products to the dynamic teeth whitening industry. You can easily buy our teeth whitening lights using our user-friendly payment gateway. Wherever you are located, you can access our website anytime of the day. For orders placed before 2pm we offer a next day UK delivery.


I paid £1000 for my agent pack which really is tremendous value for money. Believe me I checked high and low, but was faced with companies asking thousands of pounds for not even half the package that Impression is able to offer. I was unemployed when I started but still managed to raise the amount needed to buy the pack. Within the first month of becoming a whitening technician I made well over £2000 and that was just from friends and family. Thank you.  
Paul H - UK

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