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Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Get your unbelievable £99 new smile here, with up to fourteen shades difference. We guarantee you great results in one hour.

Teeth are stained on the surface through food and drinks such as Tea, Coffee, Red Wine, Blackcurrant, Ageing, and Smoking is one of the major causes of teeth discolouration.

Some people may have staining under the surface, which can be caused by tiny cracks in the teeth. Certain antibiotics such as tetracycline can cause highly visible discolouration.

What ever the stain we can help, badly discoloured teeth including tetracycline use often need more than 1 treatment.

  • Whitening up to 14 shades
  • £ 99 Fix price guaranteed
  • £75 Fix price guaranteed for all future treatment
  • Receive £10 for each referral SPECIAL OFFER
  • Discount on group bookings

Relax and allow our trained technicians to transform your smile in one hour.

4 easy steps:

1. Shade of teeth taken before treatment   2. Whitening Gels applied to teeth
3. 3 x 15 minutes of whitening technology   4. Shade of teeth taken after treatment

Your teeth can get discoloured and appear yellowish due to a number of reasons such as intake of tea, coffee, wine, smoking, medication, age and sometimes even caused by tiny cracks on your teeth. At Impression we offer Laser Teeth Whitening 'the making of the perfect smile'. The process is simple: Step 1) We check the shade of your teeth before treatment: Step 2) Apply the whitening gel: Step 3) Give you a course of 3 fifteen minute sessions under the Laser Lamp and behold your Laser Teeth Whitening treatment changes the colour of your teeth by upto 14 shades. We promise a £99 fixed price and a guaranteed follow up Laser Teeth Whitening treatment at a fixed price of £75.

Very reliable and I always get my stock on time.
Emma Whitby - United Kingdom London