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    Couple with white teethImpression Teeth Whitening, was established in 2008 by cofounder Dr Thomas Franklin, who’s aim was to supply the teeth whitening industry with high quality products at very cost effective prices. Our products to date are purchased by not only our agents but private independent businesses in the whitening industry.

    Our online payment gateway has really been the key in targeting our international agents and increasing international sales. This has enabled our small team of agents with the capability to purchase our products online 24 hours a day, without worries of time differences.

    We truly value our customers and offer them a first class service to be proud of, with a same day dispatch policy on orders made before 2pm. Our agents receive a remarkable value Technician Pack which has proven unbeatable, setting them on their way to enter this expanding billion pound industry.

    Our products have moved from being promoted by just our agents to being used by private business firms. This can be attributed to nothing but our determination to provide high quality products at affordable rates.

    Our teeth whitening products can be ordered online anytime of the day and we promise same day dispatch if the order is placed before 2pm. Our payment gateways are accessible all day long making international sales a breeze.
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    I started as an agent last year working part time, since then I have chosen to commit full time leaving my administration job. I have never looked back once thanks to all the guys at impression teeth whitening.
    Emma Wilson - GB